Name: Flemingo
Boat Owner: John Eastway
Designer: Fred Fleming
Builder: Fred Fleming

Fred Fleming originally built MV Flemingo* for himself, commencing design in 1964 and then building her between regular paying work at his Norman Creek boatshed. During the 1974 Brisbane floods, as the river waters began to rise, his team worked flat out to get her unfinished hull caulked and out of the shed before the flood waters crushed her against the roof. She was finally launched in 1979. Fred sold her in 1984 for charter work along the Queensland coast. During her second charter season she famously grounded on a rock at Cape Upstart on a falling tide leaving her high and dry. Fortunately very little damage was done to her tough Ironbark hull and she floated off on the next tide. Flemingo changed hands again in 1988 and continued in the charter business with different owners for the next 11 years, operating mainly on the Queensland coast and as far north as Papua New Guinea. Geoff Davies bought Flemingo in 1999 and in 2000 began a major refit, relaunching her in 2007. John Eastway purchased Flemingo in July 2012 and continues to cruise her extensively on the east coast from Queensland to Tasmania To quote Andrew Harper’s standard reference book “Classic Moreton Bay Cruisers” “Flemingo is an excellent example of what can be achieved when restoring a traditional Moreton Bay cruiser. She offers the convenience of modern layout and equipment while maintaining the traditional values and charm that these individual vessels exhibit” *Fred Fleming named a few of his own boats with puns on his name – apparently he built three boats called “Flemingo” for himself over the years – and of course there’s “Rufred“ a combination of his wife Ruth’s name and of course himself.

LOD feet: 50
Hull Timber: Iron Bark
Type of Boat: Moreton Bay Cruiser
State: New South Wales
Built: 1964 – 1979
Location: FEAST