Expedition Sport
Boat Owner
Daniel Brooks
One Ocaean Kayaks
Daniel Brooks

The Expedition Sport is a medium-sized touring kayak designed by Vaclav Stejskal of One Ocean Kayaks (oneoceankayaks.com). It is designed for medium sized paddlers with an ideal paddler and gear capacity of 73kg (up to 91kg) and to be very efficient at typical paddling speeds. The stern deck rises a little from the shear line to provide a lot of storage capacity for overnight trips and the hull tapers to a keel at the stern, making it a strong-tracking boat.
The kayak was built between 2010 and 2014 in between moving several times around Sydney. The Finished Boat weighs around 20kg which is lighter than a lot of kevlar boats.
All timber is Western Red Cedar which is very bendable even without steaming. A formwork was constructed which was then stripped with bead and cove cedar strips. An electric stapler is used to hold the strips in place whilst the glue dries (Titebond III glue was used). After stripping is finished, the boat was split in half and the formwork removed. Inside and out were then fibre glassed. Fibreglass cloth and West System 105 epoxy resin was used on the inside with West System 207 Special Clear Hardener on the outside.
The cockpit coaming was formed using carbon fibre and the seat is made from minicell foam. Shock cords hold the hatch covers tight against a foam gasket on a composite hatch rim. The boat was finished using Interlux Perfection Plus two part varnish. Attaining a good finish was one of the hardest parts of the build.
Having not logged the number of build hours invested in the boat, the only estimation would be A LOT. Taking out moving four times from the equation, I would guesstimate at approximately two year’s worth of weekends. Having learnt from all my mistakes, I would hazard a guess that I could probably build another one in about three months, if I had the luxury of not working!!

LOD feet
Hull Timber
Western Red Cedar
Type of Boat
Sea Kayak