Name: Erik
Boat Owner: Jane C Wilson
Designer: William Atkins
Builder: John-Pierre Kerry

Erik is a sister ship to Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s famous Suhaili, the first boat to circumnavigate around the world non stop in the notoriously dramatic 1968 Golden Globe race and the sole finisher. Appropriately, for this 2019 AWBF, this is the 50th anniversary of the Golden Globe which is being run under 1968 conditions, ie no GPS, Sat Nav, calculators, phones etc. The race, at the time of this festival, should be currently underway and/or close to finishing, having started in July 2018. Erik is an Atkins 32, her lines were scaled down and adapted by William Atkin from the famous Colin Archer designed Redningskoites, the sailing lifesaving vessels of Norway. Erik was built in South Australia in 1984 by John-Pierre Kerry. She is beautifully and soundly constructed: carvel planked in Spotted Gum on Karri frames with Teak on ply decks. She has traditionally finished tan sails with a standard ketch fit out- staysail, main & mizzen, high cut jib and larger genoa and also the ability to change to 2 paired foresails for down wind cruising. Under full sail can look rather glamorous .Our contribution has been minor, a cockpit hatch for improved engine room access, redoing electrics, earthing and anodes to reduce early signs of de-lignification and of course endless painting and maintenance. Perhaps not noted for her speed ( just as well there’s plenty of storage room for supplies) in light winds, she more than makes up for it in heavier conditions. Erik’s seaworthy design, stability and profoundly sturdy construction makes her the ideal boat for sailing in these sometime ferociously unpredictable Tasmanian waters. She is very kindly boat to single hand in, her stability and sea kindliness come to the fore, you just need good waterproofs! I sail her in partnership with Ian Parry whose lifelong boat experience and ability has resulted in Erik being exceptionally well cared for on a limited budget. She is not a glossy racing boat, more of a stout little workhorse. We keep her spare and clean and love her to bits.

LOD feet: 32
Hull Timber: Spotted Gum
Type of Boat: Atkins Ketch
State: Tasmania
Built: 1984
Location: CDF