Emeritus 2

Emeritus 2
Name: Emeritus 2
Boat Owner: Nicholas Ryan
Designer: Ray Kemp
Builder: Ray Kemp

For conversion the boat went back into the shed she was built in. That’s where we heard her original name – Kemway Star – was made up from the names of builder Ray Kemp and owners Chris & Jeff Whayman, who couldnt decide what else to call her. Built to the best standards of the day, for a well-known fishing family and at a time of high cray prices. She has splined topsides and doesn’t appear to have been ‘nail sick’, where the bow planks work their way out from the stem head – the result of years spent punching into seaways with the full weight of the boat behind..

LOD feet: 58
Hull Timber: Huon Pine
Type of Boat: Motor cruiser
State: Tasmania
Built: 1983
Location: KSWS