Name: Elusive
Boat Owner: Bruno & Jenny Andolfatto

Elusive was built and owned by Athol Walter in 1977-1979. Then owned by HCP Cuthbert till 2015, when we bought her. Very strong and seaworthy, cold moulded hull, with 3 layers of King Billy Pine on Celery Top Pine ribs. A large cabin, over 6′ standing room and 6 berths. Family friendly boat that sails easily single handed or 8/10 crew. Penn was my sailing mentor from the age of 11 and yes, I have sailed on Elusive over the past 35 odd years. Many years of harbour racing, overnight expeditions down the Channel, boat rallies and festivals has given us a greater appreciation for the craftmanship that went into this, no fuss, fine yacht. In my opinion, a wooden boat has a soul that can’t be replicated with other materials. Happy owners the Andolfatto family.

LOD feet: 30
Hull Timber: King Billy Pine
Type of Boat: Fractional rig Sloop
State: Tasmania
Built: 1977
Location: CDM