Elizabeth Mary

Elizabeth Mary
Name: Elizabeth Mary
Boat Owner: Andrew Massie

Elizabeth Mary was built by Jack Lierick in Hastings, Victoria as a crayboat. She was sold to a shark fisherman in Port Albert and launched in 1957 as a shark boat to fish from his home port. In 1969, she sprung a leak while working in rough weather off Flinders Island and was beached near Bable Island to repair and refloated to return to Victoria. She continued shark fishing until bought by her current owner in 1987 and converted to fish in Tasmania as a Danish seiner for flathead and whiting. Elizabeth Mary was a well known vessel for her fresh fish that was sold to the public in Victoria Dock in the 1990s. She was retired from fishing in 2004 and has since been converted to a pleasure boat by her owner. In winter 2017 she cruised to Queensland for a well earned holiday.

LOD feet: 43
Hull Timber: Kauri Pine
Type of Boat: Converted fishing boat
State: Tasmania
Built: 1957
Location: VDH