Name: Elf
Boat Owner: Christopher Ricketts
Designer: William Hand
Builder: William Ball

A fore-runner of the one design class which were the foremost racing yachts in the early decades of the 20th century. Elf had five first-class victories in the Hobart Regatta between 1908 and 1934 and three 2nds and four 3rd places during the same period. She also won two around Bruny Island races. Originally owned by William Ball who built her, there have been a succession of owners including J. and J.T.Nicholls from 1912; D.H.Freeman by 1919; by 1923 R.S.Mills; from 1933-36 Messrs Stuart,Burt and Taylor; by 1938 Tulloch Roberts; by 1968 Geoffrey Breadon; early 1990’s Ben Marris; since 1993 by the present owner Christopher Ricketts. Elf is a well-built yacht and is still a pleasure to sail.

LOD feet: 31
Hull Timber: Huon Pine
Type of Boat: Sloop
State: Tasmania
Built: 1907
Location: EWN