Boat Owner
The Motor Yacht Club of Tasmania
John L.Thornycroft
Purdon & Featherstone Pty Ltd

ML Egeria is a 18.9m Huon Pine carvel motor launch with Teak combings and White Beech decking.
Designed by John L. Thorneycroft (c. 1937) she was built by Purdon & Featherstone, of Napoleon Street, Battery Point for the Hobart Marine Board. Egeria was launched on 20 October 1941 and replaced the old steam vessel of the same name. Initially built as the Harbour Master’s Launch, Egeria was named after HMS Egeria, flagship for the Hobart Regattas of January 1888 and 1889.
On the 22nd June 1942, the Australian Navy requisitioned Egeria for harbour patrol duties on the River Derwent. Egeria then worked as a naval auxiliary launch.
Egeria was sold to the Motor Yacht Club of Tasmania in 2006 and has been used since as a Vice Regal launch conveying many distinguished guests, including Royalty and our Tasmanian Governors, around Hobart.
Through the efforts of her now volunteer crew and the Motor Yacht Club of Tasmania, Egeria is maintained in survey and is readily available and accessible to the people of Tasmania. The charter work undertaken (Harbour cruises, weddings and celebrations among others), assists with the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of this special vessel. A recent grant issued by the Tasmanian Community Fund enabled a full restoration of the hull to be undertaken.
During the hull renovation, with all the paint removed, volunteers working on the project were able to fully appreciate the true craftsmanship of the shipwrights responsible for the building of the Egeria over 75 years ago. The hull restoration works are now complete and there is confidence that with appropriate care and maintenance, the Egeria will easily survive another 75 years on our Harbour.
Once again, Egeria will continue her duty as the Official Launch for the Sail Past during the 2019 MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival. Throughout the festival, Egeria will be proudly on display and open for inspection. Visitors are encouraged to come aboard and explore the beauty of this historic river vessel.

LOD feet
Hull Timber
Huon Pine
Type of Boat
Motor Launch