Daniel Moore
Boat Owner
David Edwards

The previous owner lived in Darwin and owned the shack next door to our shack in Barton Avenue, Triabunna. He came in to see me one day (in 1990 I think) and asked if I would like to buy his boat. One look and I bought it, as he only wanted $300. I tried using it that summer, but it leaked too much to be usable, even after I soaked it in Spring Bay for a week.
I have restored the boat by re-clinching all the copper rivets and stripping the paint from some of the top planks.
I have named it “Daniel Moore”, after my great great grandfather who was a Van Diemen’s Land convict with a Ticket-of-Leave living in the Spring Bay district when my great grandmother Emma Ann Moore was born in November 1851. Daniel died in March 1852, and on his death certificate his occupation was listed as “Fisherman”. “Daniel Moore” is mounted on a wooden cradle sitting in a wooden trailer, which is being towed by my wooden car – a 1963 Morris Minor Traveller.
The timber on the car is subject to wood rot – it is made from English Ash, but the King Billy Pine in “Daniel Moore” is immune from that.

LOD feet
Hull Timber
King Billy Pine
Type of Boat
Clinker dinghy
Kings Pier