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Trevor Smith
T. Sawyer
Sawyer Brothers

Curlew is best described as a “PassageMaker” with auxiliary / steadying sail. At 35 feet and with a range of 1000 nautical miles, Curlew is one of a limited number of small vessels in Australian waters designed for long distance offshore cruising under power. Curlew was launched at Kettering in 1990. She has made the voyage between Kettering and Morton Bay several times and has cruised extensively in Tasmanian and Queensland waters. She is an attractive vessel, representative of the traditional Tasmanian double-ended cray boat hull design and is heavily built to commercial specifications. Curlew has a round bilged hull form and is carvel planked in 25mm x 120mm (approx.) Spotted Gum over 50mm x 25mm Spotted Gum ribs set at 135mm centres.. She is copper nailed and roved with bronze bolts. The deck is fibreglass sheathed marine plywood laid on 90mm x 40mm solid Spotted Gum deck beams. The deckhouse is framed in Spotted Gum and the marine ply panels are sheathed in fibreglass. Internal trim is Huon Pine and other decorative timbers Curlew’s main propulsion is a slow revving 90hp Fiat diesel. Although there are indications that she was built with the possibility of commercial fishing in mind she was finished, and has always been used as, a coastal cruiser. She has an easy motion and the deep side rails make her a secure vessel in a seaway. The previous owner purchased her in Kettering in 2001, cruising her to Raby Bay near Brisbane, she remained based in the Morton Bay area until we purchased her as a long distance cruising home.

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