Name: Cuilin
Boat Owner: Michael Tuck
Designer: John Watkinson
Builder: Don Brown & Michael Tuck

A very capable and seaworthy small boat. A Drascombe Lugger was built in the UK & sailed via the Mediterranean Sea, the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, Malacca Straits and Arafura Sea to Australia in the late 1960’s by David Pyle & a companion. A wooden Drascombe Lugger was also trailered to Greece and sailed back to the UK in 1973 by Ken Duxbury & his wife. This design and similar boats by the same designer have proven to be very popular in “Raid” type events in Europe and the UK. They are now built in FRP under licence.
This particular Drascombe Lugger has a few individual modifications. These include stainless steel centre-plate, rudder and rudder-stock; a boom is fitted for better sail shape & control; a spinnaker is also added to the sail inventory. An elliptical cockpit coaming is fitted rather than the straight-sided & square cornered one shown in the original plans.
The spars are all varnished Oregon Pine and the trim is done in varnished Huon Pine and also Sheoak. The bottom boards are in varnished King Billy Pine.

LOD feet: 20
Hull Timber: Marine Ply
Type of Boat: Drascombe Lugger
State: Tasmania
Built: 2008
Location: PW1 Forecourt