Coghill Boat

Coghill Boat
Name: Coghill Boat
Boat Owner: Douglas Coghill
Designer: Wilson Bros.
Builder: Wilson Bros.

This King Billy Pine dinghy was built by the Wilson Bros. in 1960. It was intended as a fly fishing boat. It spent most of its life up at the lakes housed in a shed. At some point it had an impractically sized cabin added to it. I saw the dinghy at the last boat festival and decided I had to buy it. The ugly cabin was the first thing I removed in the restoration process. After that came the stripping and sanding of old paint (including lead based primer!).Then sanding and more sanding. I also had to find a new “knee” for the bow as the old “sheoak” one had rotted. It has been a privilege to work on this fantastic boat.

LOD feet: 14
Hull Timber: King Billy Pine
Type of Boat: Clinker Dinghy
State: Tasmania
Built: 1960