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I had this Mk2 Quattro built for me in 2013 by Long Haul Folding Kayaks in Colorado, USA. The timber frame, with stainless steel and aluminium connectors, is partly assembled outside the skin, then inserted and the assembly completed, followed by inflating at least 2 of the 4 sponsons along the sides so as to tighten the whole structure. The lower 2 sponsons can be inflated to change the shape of the hull and provide extra flotation. Along with air bags and/or supplies in drybags filling the interior the boat holds very little water even if entirely capsized or swamped. A spraydeck covers the entire open cockpit, except for the crew, to keep out breaking waves. The entire sail system, including outriggers, can be erected and dismantled from the rear cockpit seat and can be stowed inside the kayak. I use the boat a couple of times a year, mostly solo with a BSD sail system including leeboard and outriggers for cruising around Moreton Bay for a week or two or more, camping ashore each night, or sometimes sleeping aboard at anchor if nowhere ashore can be found. I carry camping gear and up to a weeks water and 3 weeks food but could carry more aboard. When alone I use a boat roller to roll the empty boat up the beach to above high water to camp, having previously relayed up the cargo. The folded boat, sail system, and all equipment and supplies fit entirely inside a small hatchback car for the journey to and from the launch site. It sails well enough that I only paddle maybe 20% of the time, using a single blade outrigger paddle. I mostly paddle while exploring up the tidal creeks and rivers into the mangroves. This is a very strong and durable folding kayak. I have been caught out in Force 5, gusting Force 6 but would rather have not, though no damage done. But I have bent a rudder blade by broaching while surfing down wave faces running downwind in a 20 knot wind. The outriggers saved capsizing. Should’ve reefed earlier but the speed is exhilarating. The boat has kept me out of trouble despite errors on my part.
I’ve just moved the boat to Hobart, where I’d like to spend the years ahead sedately exploring Tasmanian waters with friends.

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