Name: Charlotte
Boat Owner: Klaus Sussenbach
Designer: Bruce Kirby
Builder: klaus Sussenbach

Charlotte was built with single handed coastal cruising in mind. For this some modifications from the plans were made to make this task very easy. She feels safe and secure while underway, she is comfortable, dry and cosy below, her large cockpit is well protected from spray and her bimini shelters from the sun. A large dodger with a removable wind screen shelters the companion hatch, additional cockpit shades can be attached to this. She is easy to rig by one person, with her masts on tabernacles and booms that remain in place when the masts are down for road towing. Launching and retrieving is also a simple one person task and who does not get wet feet during that process. Her sails are housed inside on boom sailbags, supported by lazy jacks. This makes setting and lowering sail an easy job with the mainsail handled securely from the fore hatch and the mizzen from the safety of the cockpit. Both masts can rotate to allow sail handling while not having to motor directly upwind. This feature also removes the fear of rounding up when sailing downwind in heavy airs as the boom end can rotate forward of its mast. The cat rig has become a docile kitten on my NIS26. There is no need to leave the cockpit when underway unless lowering or retrieving her anchor with the electric anchor winch. Charlotte was built with strength and quality of workmanship in mind and has endured her by now over 10,000 miles cruised very well. She has visited very remote locations in the Kimberleys, has cruised on Lake Argyle twice and at several other locations on the long coast of Western Australia. She also was towed to Goolwa twice to cruise on the Coorong, the lower Murray, Lake Alexandrina and motoring up the mighty Murray past Murray bridge. My boat serves as a comfortable caravan while towing her to cruising locations. There is plenty of stowage space for an extended cruise, her longest was 70 days away from any re supply in the Kimberleys. In addition there is room for extra cruising gear like spare fuel, anchors, warps etc. A lightweight nesting dinghy can locate on the fore deck. This is my own design made in foam sandwich with the 2 halves weighing 13 & 19 kg respectively. All the required safety equipment is aboard plus a chart plotter, VHF and 27 Meg 2 way radio, stereo and fishfinder/ depth sounder. Charlotte can steer herself on the wind by locking the tiller, there is also a tiller pilot so one can relax in the cockpit or sit sheltered under the dodger if it rains while underway. She is powered by a 9.9Hp 4 stroke motor and fitted with a high forward/reverse thrust propeller. 360W of solar panel keep the two 100Ah batteries charged. She is 18 years now but wears her age very well thanks to one owner not being afraid to do whatever maintenance was required. Charlotte is on the market now, at 72 her owner builder has enjoyed her long enough and is looking for somebody to continue exploring places where few other boats of her size can go.

LOD feet: 26
Hull Timber: Plywood
Type of Boat: Cat Ketch
State: West Australia
Built: 1998
Location: EWN