Name: Brigadoon
Boat Owner: Richard Atkinson

I bought Brigadoon from Thomas Farner who restored her from a hull he found rotting in a paddock. She was originally a canoe-sterned motor fishing boat with a fo’c’sle, wet well and deck house. She was rebuilt as a sail fishing boat in the style operating on the south coast of England in the 40s. She has a low cabin, solid mast and red sails (and a bowsprit that has been proven to slide into fibreglass cabins like they’re made from butter). Her topsail has a yard that comes slightly forward of the mast, a style often seen on early craft on the Derwent. On the water she gets much attention as she’s a pretty little boat.

LOD feet: 29
Hull Timber: Kauri
Type of Boat: Gaff Topsail Cutter
State: Tasmania
Built: c.1940