Name: Aziza
Boat Owner: Valerie Nicholls
Designer: Lyell Hess
Builder: Chris Burke & Ben Post

In 2004 Hobartians Val Nicholls and Peter Davies commissioned local boat builder ChrisB to build Aziza. Her construction took 4 years of team effort with contribution from craftsman Ben Post, Peter, Val, local tradies, and a host willing friends and family members.
Timbers include Huon Pine, Flame Myrtle, Celery Top Pine and Western Red Cedar. To look at, live in and sail, Aziza stays true to her name, translated variously as ” Trusted Friend, Beautiful”
To date Aziza has explored local waters as well as the Tasmanian east coast. Plans are afoot for skipper Val and Aziza to venture further afield in 2019.

LOD feet: 29
Hull Timber: Western Red Cedar
Type of Boat: Cutter
State: Tasmania
Built: 2008