Athena of Sydney

Athena of Sydney
Name: Athena of Sydney
Boat Owner: Phil & Margaret Heaney
Designer: Phil Heaney
Builder: Phil Heaney

Athena was built at our boat yard in Toronto, Lake Macquarie and took two years to build. I designed the hull along the lines of the Maine lobster boats on the North East coast of America, which we observed while cruising on our previous boat Argos a 50 ft long range cruise which we sailed around the world. We wanted a boat which would be more suited for coastal and river cruising and Athena has proved ideal for the purpose. To date we have traveled 4500 miles since launching

LOD feet: 43
Hull Timber: Hoop Pine
Type of Boat: Coastal cruiser
State: New South Wales
Built: 2016
Location: KF2-23