Arctic Tern

Arctic Tern
Name: Arctic Tern
Boat Owner: Tony Landy
Designer: Iain Oughtred
Builder: Tony Landy

Iain Oughtred Design. I have built a number of clinker plywood craft over recent years.
I decided to do an Arctic Tern as I like the double end design and nice appearance. The Arctic Tern is often built rigged as a yawl , I prefer the sloop rig.
Except for the Okoumi Plywood planking, all the timber in the craft is recycled, including the spars. The mast came from a 100 year old Oregon radio mast, a lot of the other timber came from recycled Oregon and White Pine beams. The gunwhale and knees and sundry cleats and blocks were made from home grown Spotted Gum. I planted this tree 50 years ago, put it through a Lucas mill and the planks were air dried for four years.
I have been building boats on an off as a hobby since 1952 and I have particularly enjoyed the challenge of this one.

LOD feet: 18
Hull Timber: Marine Plywood
Type of Boat: Sailing Boat
State: Victoria
Built: 2019
Location: Franklin Wharf