Name: Aquaholic
Boat Owner: James Robinson
Designer: Adams 12
Builder: Bob Crowhurst

1988- 1996 Sailed by Bob Crowhurst and friends around Australia, Tassie, NZ. Raced Melbourne to Osaka 1995 (finished mid fleet)
1996-2011 From books & documents left on board, she cruised up and down the WA coast with a few different owners.
2011-2014 Peter and Rob Tihanyi Bunbury. Started to fixup with the rigging, dropping the mast. Mast sandbasted and repainted, all new SS rigging, put back up less the furler. New running rigging.
Unfortunately they cut all the mast electrical wires above deck, there was joiners a few feet below deck. It seems they never really sailed her, what a shame. Their dream never realised.
2014 – current Bought by James and Liz in Bunbury. Unfortunately she was very unloved, and in Liz’s thoughts headed for the scrap yard. She leaked like a sieve when it rained, every window, hatch, bolt. Nothing on board worked, she was totally unseaworthy.
Interesting fact, as we weren’t residents of WA, we were asked to leave the berth asap. I augured we will die if we take her out, the DOT gave us 3 months. We left exactly 3 months later, for the sail back to Melbourne in the middle of winter.
The make over begins..
4 years many 1000’s of hours and $$ later, Aquaholic has come to life. With the play on the name, everything is Aqua color, from cushions, to all kitchen gear, coffee machine, clothes, pegs, buckets, watches, etc etc. even an aqua cast iron trivit.
Liz and James mid 2018 moved on board full time, and loving every day.

LOD feet: 40
Hull Timber: Oregon
Type of Boat: Sloop
State: Victoria
Built: 1988
Location: EWN