Name: Altura
Boat Owner: Ian Gough
Designer: Viv Innes
Builder: Viv Innes

A much admired and loved vessel with a wonderful document history. Sailed in the 100years Royal Hobart Regatta and many events before and since.

Represented the Cygnet Sailing Club in A Class events against the RYCT representatives. In 1969 the original owner builder/designer Viv Innes sold the Altura to the Weidenhoffer Family who raced the Altura in A class events for many years. The current owner (Ian Gough) purchased Altura in 1984 and raced in Vintage Boat Club events until 2001.
During a race from Bellerive to Kettering in the late 1990’s Altrura gained line honours in winds recorded at over 70 knots. That event was written in Classic Boat magazine published in England.

LOD feet: 42
Hull Timber: Huon Pine
Type of Boat: Gaff Rigged Cutter
State: Tasmania
Built: 1923
Location: KF2