Name: Alcheringa
Boat Owner: Peter Western & Mark Chapman
Designer: Peter Brady
Builder: Ian Snell, Peter Western & Mark Chapman

Using vacuum moulding, strip planking and plywood framing and bulkheads Alcheringa was built by the owners with her sister, Kiella, in a farm shed over a period of four and a half years.
The fitout arrived as a truckload of rough sawn Silky Oak from which all mouldings and fitout timbers were created.
Alcheringa has done significant blue water voyaging around Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and New south Wales.Used extensively for fishing and cruising she can sleep 8 and is commonly crewed with five or six.
Her first voyage was a circumnavigation of Tasmania.
The two boats show what can be achieved by a small cooperative team using skills gained over a lifetime of mucking around in boats and building them.
Background of the builders are teaching, machinery sales and maintenance and farming.

LOD feet: 43
Hull Timber: Paulonia
Type of Boat: Fishing cruiser
State: Victoria
Built: 2007
Location: FES