Name: Adriatic
Boat Owner: Barry Russ
Designer: Bach & Mather
Builder: Bach & Mather

Vessel built of Jarrah for Vinci’s as a crayfishing vessel working out of Fremantle. She was subsequently bought by Graeme ‘Bangles’ MacDonald from Kalbarri and worked North Island at the Abrohlus Is.
She then went to Bass Strait on scallops, under the ownership of Steve Cap on from Queencliff Vic.
Although I lost slight track of her she was converted on Lakes Entrance around 2003, to the motor sailer she is today.
Still has her original 8lx in her & she is sketch rigged. In 2017, I completely stripped the hull & had her remastered above the waterline by MacFarlands of Adelaide. They also replaced 18 ribs airships at my request. Andy MacFarland told me she was good for another 40 years and could safely go anywhere in the world.
Interestingly at some stage she has had 8ft added airships. By whom I have yet to find out. Never had any majors with M/E? apart from normal maintenance.

LOD feet: 55
Hull Timber: Carvel
Type of Boat: Converted Cray Boat
State: Western Australia
Built: 1966
Location: KPWN