Who’s It Going To Be?

Melinda Piesse provided the artwork for the 2017 festival from her stunning tapestry of the Batavia shipwreck

It is an exciting exercise for each MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival – choosing the design for the festival poster.  The accumulated collection of festival posters from1994-2017 represents some of the finest colloquial artwork in Tasmania, as local artists contribute to the record.  The posters have come in many styles and formats and each one has its passionate advocates. Should the image be traditional or modern?  Is it more important to select for great art or a striking poster design? Should we prefer a Tasmanian artist or are we open to the world?

Czech-born Tasmanian artist Tom Samek created the artwork for the 2009 Australian Wooden Boat Festival

The commission is now open to find the next MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival poster. The artist receives a fee of $A2000 for successful completion of the project and sale of all rights to Australian Wooden Boat Festival, Inc.  The artist joins a celebrated line of poster designers who have contributed to this great free public event.

Well-known maritime artist Bill Mearns provided this charming traditional design for the AWBF in 2003

There are two traditional elements that have been present in every festival poster since the beginning: there is always an image of a wooden boat and of a seagull, to remind us that this is a festival of wooden boats and that we are always close to the sea. Since 2011, the poster has also carried the logo of our naming rights sponsor, MyState.

Artists wishing to be considered are invited to submit a design sketch (not a finished artwork) to:

Australian Wooden Boat Festival, Inc.

GPO Box 713

Hobart, Tasmania 7001

You may also submit electronically to:


The cut-off date for submissions is 15 September 2018.

The successful artist will be required to present the finished artwork no later than 15 October 2018. We do not accept responsibility for return of design sketches. Please do not send finished artwork in the first instance. The successful artist will be announced shortly after submissions close.

The work should be on paper, or if created electronically, presented as finished artwork in high resolution suitable for printing. Most of our posters have been in vertical format, approximately 52 cm high x 42 cm wide.


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