Look Back Down the River

Now, here’s a great lounge room game you can play when it’s cold and raining and definitely not sailing weather outside.  Check out Off Center Harbor’s latest video release, The River Home.

You might need a pen and paper, or be ready to hit the ‘rewind’ button, but the challenge is to name as many Tasmanian boats and Hobart sailors as you can spot in this 5 minute video, much of it shot here in Tasmania.  We’ve been friends with Off Center Harbor for a few years now, and we’ve watched their video library grow to include an amazingly rich collection of how-to videos, inspirational interviews and celebrations of the pure joy of sailing and wooden boats and all the things that we hold dear.  The boys have been out to visit us several times now, and the back-list of Tasmanian stories grows each time.  The photography is brilliant and the story-telling just as good.  They have been generous enough to make this link available to all our readers and friends and one click of the button will get you another 10 free videos.  After that, it’s up to you.  Off Centre Harbour is a subscription site, which means you pay a small membership fee to join and get access to hundreds of great boating videos.  Just the thing for a cold winter night, with a nice glass of red beside you, or a drop of fine Tasmanian whisky.

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